Past Youth Program Comments

Watermelon and friendsParent Feedback

"Your programs are well planned, stimulating, and age-appropriate. The program on "Air" was fantastic."
Kathy Parham
Program Director, The Children's Playhouse

"Both of my children have enrolled in these programs since they were 3 years old and I consider these experiences (e.g., ecological education, conservation, exploration of the local topography, hiking, river walking, just having fun) to be some of the most important of their young lives. These programs have truly enriched the lives of young people throughout the "High Country."
Kurt D. Michael, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology
Licensed Psychologist
Appalachian State University

“I loved that my son had the opportunity to visit “real” science in the making, and see “real” people making science their livelihood and life’s work. The fact that it all took place on a college campus exposing him to the atmosphere of higher learning was also excellent. Keep up the good work!”
Parent of 10 year old

"These programs are truly quality oriented and child centered. The focus is on the process of learning and not the product. In a society where TV and computers are increasingly used to entertain and educate our children, your programs are an oasis with their hands on, experiential learning activities."
Diane Sprague

"This program was a fantastic experience for our daughter. I loved hearing about her day when she returned home. Please continue these programs! I am so comfortable with the content, the care, and the safety of the program.”
Stephanie Whitworth

science is cool!"Well organized, educational, and well thought out. This is one of the best camps in Boone.”
Parent of 8 year old

“My grandchildren loved the variety of activities- the scarf weaving, the songs, the creek time, the games, … really everything was great.”
Grandparent of 8 and 9 year old

Our daughters had a wonderful time at the workshops last week. Both girls came home eager to show what they had made, and wanted to repeat the experiments. We will definitely be enrolling again.
Ellen Cowan, Ph.D.
Department of Geology
Appalachian State University

“My son was really excited to come back each day! I did not hear a single complaint all week. Please keep us on your mailing list.” Parent of 8 year old

'These educational programs fill a special niche in our community, and compliment other programs for children and adults available in the area. In my experience, the programs are well organized and affordable, and most importantly-my son had a good time and was proud of what he made. We hope to participate in future activities."
Sali Gill-Johnson
Director of Artist Relations
Office of Arts & Cultural Programs
Appalachian State University

"You really did a wonderful job organizing fun activities to inform us and also keep the younger kids engaged and involved. We look forward to similar opportunities in the future."
Jay Fenwick, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Computer Science
Appalachian State University

“My daughter is excited every time she comes home from one of these camps. Current research shows that introducing children to the University setting early plays a key factor in their later decisions to attend college, and positive introductions to the math and sciences have played an important part in choosing these fields. I believe this program does this very well!”
Lisa Stinson, Ph.D
Department of Art
Appalachian State University

Youth Participant Program Feedback

“I liked learning about the brain and holding Bob (the snake).”
Age 10

“This camp was too short!” Age 12

“I liked that you got to go outside a lot and walk everywhere.”
Age 10

“I made the coolest things today. I hope we can do this every time we come to the mountains!” Age 11

“I loved to meet new people and I loved the pond.” Age 12

“I liked the cool experiments and that we got to make our microscope slides with whatever we wanted.” Age 11

“I liked going in the woods to find stuff.” Age 9

“I really liked knitting the scarf.”Age 8

“It was a lot of fun to see the rockets go up.” Age 7

“My favorite thing was … EVERYTHING!” Age 8

“I liked making goo and making ice cream and when my rocket exploded!” Age 9

“I wish this camp lasted all summer!” Age 10

"Me like making the old boats and playing in the water." Age 3

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